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This is where our business started and we are known in the industry as one of the best povider of audio and video solutions in the market. With our suite of products and solutions, we are very confident that we can optimized your operation while lowering your cost in doing business. Please reach for us.


Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting makes information, websites, applications and network accessible using cloud services. Individuals, Companies and Government can access and manage their digital assets with all the computing power and data storage requirements in real time without the need of physical servers.


Cloud PBX

All across the globe, businesses are changing drastically. Many organizations prefer cloud options over traditional legacy systems for communication, file sharing, and other business-related activities.

Our cloud PBX is a buisness phone system that uses a managed service that runs in the cloud to link your employees to a phone network. Our Cloud PBX brings management, control, integration, and connectivity with the public switched telephone network into the cloud.


Session Boarder


Session Border Controllers (SBCs) deliver seamless connectivity, enhanced security, and quality assurance for any voice communications environment and at any scale. The wide range of platforms includes cloud-native, virtualized, and appliance SBCs for enterprises and service providers.


GSM Gateways

GSM gateways enables voice communication through a mobile network acting as a bridge between a traditional telephone system and a mobile network. Innolution's GSM Gateway allows calls from a landline phone to a mobile phone and vice versa and proven useful for areas where there is no landline phone service available. Our solution is easy to set up and operate, with variety of models offering various features such as call routing and call forwarding, to save money on phone calls while also maintaining reliable communication.



IP PBX not only provides your company with landline telephony but also provides connection of Voice over IP using LAN and data connection bring cost and efficiency to your operation.

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© 2008 Innolution Corporation All Rights Reserved

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