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We are proud to present the country's best Hospital Information Systes (HIS) and innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help your business reach new heights in innovation, efficiency and cost effectivity. Please see your solutions portfolio.


Hospital Information System (HIS)

Innolution's Hospital Information System (HIS) called "37 Degrees" is a comprehensive technology system that allows any hospital to manage all aspects of their operation, not just patient information. Our HIS can be viewed as a system that helps all hospital departments manage their information in order to allow them to effectively do their jobs. We believe that Innolution's HIS is the best value-for-money platform in the Philippines today.


Video Conferencing (Software)

Video conferencing enables employees to improve their productivity by reducing the time and costs of travel. With Video Conferencing, it brings everyone together from anywhere—both in person and online. Many companies have adopted video conferencing to connect employees—no matter where they work. Whether you want to schedule a quick 1:1 video chat with a direct report or schedule a larger end-of-month video meeting with your entire organization, video conferencing software is a great way to enable your team to work together and stay in touch.


Webcams and Headsets

Our wide selection of Headsets lets you hear and be heard with incredible clarity while tuning out distractions and delivering crazy good audio for your most important conversations. Headsets feature a wide range of office and home headsets for any number of uses, from taking calls, telecommuting, video conferencing, or even listening to music. Headsets are multitaskers that block noise and allow you to perform any number of tasks, even in a busy environment.


Robotics Process Automation

RPA (Robotics Process Automation) are computer programs, or "bots," that can log into applications, enter data, compute and finish tasks, and copy data between apps or workflows as necessary. RPA can extract additional context from its content by reading text or writing with optical character recognition. It can also identify entities like names, invoice terms, or addresses using natural language processing and extracting more information from photos by automatically calculating accident damage in an insurance claim picture.


Video Conferencing (Hardware)

Video conferencing has become an essential part of communication in today's digital world. It allows people to connect from different parts of the world in real-time. A high-quality camera ensure that the video quality is clear and crisp while a good microphone is ensures clear communication during the video conference.


Printing & Document Management

Our Solution is an interconnected printing and scanning ecosystem that leverages predictive support to increase uptime and cloud-native services to eliminate additional and unnecessary IT infrastructure.


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