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Cloud PBX

All across the globe, businesses are changing drastically. Many organizations prefer cloud options over traditional legacy systems for communication, file sharing, and other business-related activities. Our cloud PBX is a buisness phone system that uses a managed service that runs in the cloud to link your employees to a phone network. Our Cloud PBX brings management, control, integration, and connectivity with the public switched telephone network into the cloud.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX offering provides unparalleled benefits to its customers by giving them the flexibility to use different functionalities such as conference calls, call forwarding, group-calls, voicemail, IVR, hunt group, call recording, etc.


Innolution's Cloud PBX uses VoIP to connect phone calls using the internet. It is an advanced telecommunications service that uses the cloud, creating flexibility to your business to do remotely bringing key advantages and benefits to your company's operation.

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