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Biometric Access

Our suite of Biometric access uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, voice recognition, or iris scanning to grant access to areas or devices. We have delivered these solutions to our clients in Government, Healthcare, Business Outsourcing and Fnance Industry. With the advancements in technology, biometric access is becoming more accurate, convenient, and cost-effective becoming the preferred method of access for many organizations.

Access and Visitor

At the heart of Innolution's solution is a physical access control module that helps to manage and control all access points, be it doors, turnstiles, lifts and parking barriers at different locations, accommodate different credentials to verify the identity of staff and visitors for better security, control and automation. Innolution provides a acomprehensive ACaaS, or Access Control as a Service coupled with our visitor management system designed to better manage and monitor visitors at the workplace or at the residential property. Our solution seamlessly integrates with IoT access control devices to cater to all stakeholders for modern building management.



Advanced & Flexible Access Control System


Access Control & Security Management


Access Analysis & Reports



Manage all types of visitors scenarios


Advanced reporting and security control


Can cover both Mobile Pre-registration and Walk-in Visitor


Multiply the power of visitor management and access control

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