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Your business requires a suite of cyber security solutions to mitigate cyber attacks as it become more frequent and sophisticated and business networks become more complicated. Innolution's cybersecurity solutions suite enables organizations to secure endpoints, data, networks, and users across Geographies.

End-point Security

Our Endpoint Security (EPS) is a comprehensive platform that lets you manage the security for multiple endpoints remotely from anywhere. Whether you’re on the move, at work or home, our EPS ensures complete security with easy manageability.


File Sandboxing

Integrate with Cloud Sandbox to analyze suspicious files for malware.


Advanced Device Control

Configures device policies for various device types for Windows and Mac platforms to safeguard the network against unverified devices.


Cloud Migration

Allows seamless migration of EPS (on-prem) clients, groups, and policies to EPS Cloud.


Web Filtering

Websites can be blocked individually or as per categories to limit web access for employees.


Endpoint Threat Hunting

Endpoint Threat Hunting (ETH) is an effective way to search for files that match malicious hashes across your endpoints.


Ransomware Protection

The feature uses behavior-based detection technology to detect and block ransomware threats.

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